False democracy at COP21

3 reaktioner på ”False democracy at COP21”

  1. Very interesting view, thanks for trying to make what is going on more transparent. Do you think the majority of people are truely aware of what it is at stake (both in and outside the conference)?


    1. Inside, most of the people is very much aware of the seriousness and urgency of action. And I believe they also know about the necessity of having a fair process in order to have a fair agreement. I do not want to adventure to comment which is the reason why are keeping the process unfair.

      Worth mentioning is that the negotiations have resumed this afternoon, and the observers can follow them on a livestream. It is so much easier now to counteract the agreements that the parties are putting forward on their proposals for the agreement. And it is also much clearer which counties bare the responsability of deleting basic rights and blocking equity.



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